Building a ticketing operation for the modern sports industry: Sports Loft Podcast
March 14, 2023
FEVO "is a great touchpoint when we think about ticketing and the process of buying a ticket”

We don’t often hear about “Instagrammable” moments when talking about ticketing sales, but FEVO’s GM and EVP of Partner Development, Colin Casey believes that creating those moments are important for maximizing ticket value for consumers.

Casey shared some insight on the Sports Loft Podcast hosted by Yanni Andreopoulos, where he was joined by the VP of Ticket Sales & Service at F1 Miami Grand Prix, Josh Young.  

The sports industry has seen many changes within the last decade: from digital ticketing to the fluctuating demand for ticket sales, tech advancements have been the epicenter of the industry's evolution. Casey and Young discussed the challenges and opportunities of ticketing operations in the modern sports industry, and how FEVO is helping bring sports ticket sales into the digital age.

With new tech, comes new competition. After COVID-era lockdowns pushed fans to watch games on a variety of streaming platforms, teams and venues need to drive demand for attendance at live sporting events. Casey emphasizes that it’s important to create “Instagrammable” moments — exciting experiences at the game itself that maximize the value of ticket sales.

Young believes that those moments take place long before the day of an event. He says a seamless customer journey is critical to secure purchases, and he credits FEVO for all the little things providing that simple and hassle-free ticketing experience.

“The customer journey is absolutely critical at this point. And not just the journey in the venue because that’s probably paramount but it’s all of the little things before and after that are going to help somebody make the decision,” Young said. “The FEVO platform [...] is a great touchpoint when we think about ticketing and the process of buying a ticket.”

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about growing demand generation, maximizing ticket value, and more.

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