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FEVO’s mission is to reimagine and rehumanize shopping. To get there, we first need to reimagine and rehumanize the way companies operate.

The process starts right here, where we are building a culture based on courage, accountability, trust and velocity.

Our team is made up of




who move fast, help each other, have fun and resist bureaucracy and the status quo.

Our Culture

We are a closely aligned team of high-character, high-performing employees who bring an egoless, team-first approach to everything we do.

Those who thrive at FEVO fulfill three basic expectations:

  1. Always wow your constituents and peers with the quality of your work.

  2. Always put team and company goals ahead of personal ones.

  3. Demonstrate courage and accountability when faced with any challenge, big or small.

And we mean it: unlike many companies, we don't align incentives with personal benchmarks. Instead, we award bonuses, raises and promotions to those who collaborate both within and outside of their immediate team to meet company goals quickly and to the highest standard. We call this Swarm Technique, and it's fundamental to the way we build our business.

By the numbers, we have...

130+ team members
In 7 countries
Across 80+ cities
Making up 10 departments
And 25+ teams
Sharing 1 common goal: to reimagine e‑commerce

Career Growth

At FEVO, we aren’t looking for people who simply clock in and check the boxes. We expect our teammates to be self-motivated and entrepreneurial, with a deep sense of urgency and shared purpose.

We don’t have bureaucratic training programs and we don’t do hand-holding. If you’re here, we believe in you.

What we do have are people who genuinely care about one another and getting the job done. That means our most enterprising and collaborative employees tend to succeed, regardless of title, age or experience level.

Those who do great work and improve the work of those around them are rewarded with greater challenges, more responsibility and the incentives and recognition that come with that.

Our Workplace

FEVO is a geographically dispersed team headquartered in New York City's Meatpacking District.

We believe the best talent in the world doesn’t need to be told to come to the office at 9 and leave at 6. High performers know what they need to do to deliver on our purpose and mission, and complete their work with excellence and velocity while being highly communicative and available when it matters.

We rely on a number of tools and policies to promote a strong sense of community in this (mostly) virtual world...

Regular retreats, workshops and teambuilding sessions

Best-in-class systems and software solutions for remote collaboration

A culture of candor and transparency whether managing up or down

The autonomy to work from anywhere

Real-time feedback and structured bi-annual performance reviews

A state-of-the-art office in Meatpacking NYC for any local or visiting team members

Perks and Benefits

  • Rapid Recognition and Promotion

    We reward those who excel, regardless of tenure or reporting structure.

  • Team-Based Incentives

    No mercenary, "what's in it for me?" bonuses. Even our salespeople work on team-wide commissions.

  • Annual Ticket Stipend

    Bringing people together for live events is a big part of our business — we want our employees to get the fan experience too!

  • Stock Options

    To give you a vested interest in our collective success.

  • PTO and Holidays

    Two weeks of mandatory PTO, 18+ paid holidays each year and the freedom to work from anywhere.

  • Parenthood Leave

    Six months for new parents (including adoption) as well as four months for foster care.

  • Paw-ternity Leave

    Two weeks paid leave after the adoption of a new pet.

  • Educational Resources

    Free access to Spotify, Duolingo and other virtual learning platforms.

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