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In addition to our technology, every FEVO partner gets access to our in-house marketing and data experts for help with product strategy, implementation, reporting and more.

Armed with insights and learnings across 800+ partners, our team acts as a powerful extension to any partner’s existing marketing or business intelligence initiatives.

What We Provide

Tracking Implementation

Your data is your data, and we'll do everything we can to help you extract maximum value from it.

Partners who run media to support their FEVO campaigns get even more insights on traffic and conversions with white-glove pixel support and tagging, including:

  • Templated enterprise tags (Facebook, Twitter, Marketo, etc.)

  • Custom HTML tags

  • Dynamic parameter configuration

  • Hands-on troubleshooting

Campaign Strategy

We know a thing or two about marketing a FEVO offer, and our door is always open. Our team is available to advise and consult on best practices for supporting your FEVO campaigns, including:

  • Media buying strategy

  • Audience segmentation analysis

  • Go-to-market planning

Analytics and Reporting

It’s not just about the conversion. It’s about every action that gets them there. FEVO supplements the sales data organic to our platform with detailed, real-time traffic data, including:

  • Conversion rates and funnels

  • Sources, demographics and geo-location details

  • Comprehensive cross-domain tracking and attribution tracking

Distributed Commerce

Your product is our product, and we’ll move mountains to make sure it’s working properly.

Our talented developers are on hand to help FEVO partners with front-end buildout and implementation of the Social Checkout™, including:

  • Installation

  • Testing

  • Troubleshooting

Agency Services

Take your FEVO offers to the next level with full-service, end-to-end campaign management.

Our marketing pros can leverage lookalike audiences and industry-wide data aggregated from the entire FEVO universe to manage your marketing campaigns, including:

  • Omni-channel ad buying and attribution

  • Paid media campaign creation and optimization

  • Campaign recaps and conversion reporting

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