FEVO Announces Charitable Arm FEVO Cares
March 14, 2023
FEVO Donates 700,000 Masks to City of Denver

FEVO was founded to bring people together for their favorite life events - the best of times. This past year brought all of us some of the most difficult, but we didn’t want to sit on the sidelines. Even in times of crisis we want to step up and help make that happen. And that’s why we started FEVOcares.

Denver is FEVO’s second home and it is with great pride that we were able to partner with the Denver Women's Sports Collective and the City of Denver to donate 700,000 masks to this great city via FEVOcares.

In the words of Michael Hancock, mayor of Denver, "The light is at the end of the tunnel. Let's get to the light."

Community is at the center of FEVO’s ethos and we’re honored to provide protection to hundreds of thousands of residents in our community and help get us to the end of the tunnel.

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