Fan Messaging with Laylo x FEVO
March 14, 2023
Laylo and FEVO partner to provide new solutions in ticketing

Laylo, a messaging and CRM platform designed for drop notifications and community building, partners with FEVO, a social commerce solution. Together they provide the tools that matter most to consumers: a social shopping experience with a notification system that fosters community.

Through its Social Cart™, FEVO offers their customers increased flexibility, social amplification, and conversion power within the checkout experience. Now, FEVO partners can also use Laylo for consumer messaging across their ticketing, events, and merchandise, enabling FEVO partners access to a holistic solution in social e-commerce and audience engagement.

FEVO partners can work directly with FEVO and Laylo in applying comprehensive strategic consumer messaging CRM and social e-commerce.

“Partnering with FEVO enables us to provide a holistic solution in ticketing,” says Stephanie Allen, Vice President of Partnerships at Laylo. “We look forward to empowering the marketplace in reaching consumers and fans, and enabling community.”

“We’re so excited about this partnership and the opportunity to integrate the power of Laylo into the FEVO ecosystem,” says Ari Daie, FEVO Founder & CEO. “Designed to amplify the social reach and potential of consumers interacting in the live event marketplace, this approach allows an even more seamless FEVO experience for fans of teams, bands, artists and more to truly stay connected and have the power to purchase together.”

FEVO and Laylo kicked off the partnership at FEVO Fest 2022 for key decision makers across the live event marketplace to be able to experience how audiences can be further engaged.

About Laylo

Laylo is a universal messaging platform for creators and brands, helping to drive more sales and streams by owning their fanbase. Laylo empowers musicians, artists, celebrities, brands and more. With Laylo, creators and brands can automatically notify their fans the second they release new content, merch, and events and own all of the data. Learn more at and reach out anytime at

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