FEVO Brings Its Social Checkout to the United Kingdom

FEVO Brings Its Social Checkout to the United Kingdom

March 14, 2023

Since 2016, FEVO has been helping the biggest live events brands in North America reimagine and rehumanize the online shopping experience.  

Our Social CheckoutTM makes it easy for fans to shop together on any ticketing website, restoring the vital human elements of in-person shopping without sacrificing the efficiency and convenience of e-commerce. Imagine the virality, engagement, community building and FOMO of social media … only on your website. That’s FEVO.

We started in sports, partnering with legendary franchises like the New York Yankees, LA Dodgers and Milwaukee Bucks to help fans enlist their friends for group purchases, premium seating, bundled offers (e.g., tickets, merch and parking) and more. FEVO has since become a trusted checkout solution for more than 700 blue-chip organizations and 90% of meaningful pro, minor and collegiate athletics in North America (including MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR and F1).  

From there, we moved into music and nightlife, where our group-based incentives were a hit with renowned festivals like Bonnaroo and Austin City Limits as well as family entertainment brands like FELD and Cirque du Soleil. In aggregate, FEVO partners have sold more than 15 million tickets to four million fans, reporting 2.4x conversions as compared to traditional checkout flows and 60% new customers to their databases.

Now, after a record-breaking 2022, we’re taking our model to its next logical progression: the vast and diverse live events industry in the UK.

“I’ve been visiting family in the UK four times a year since I was a child. It’s my second home,” said FEVO CEO and Founder Ari Daie. “I know firsthand this is a country with a rich history in sports and live entertainment, and we’ve been carefully planning this expansion for years to make sure we get it right.”

“The iconic clubs and stadiums, the century-old competitions, the festivals that turn patches of countryside into small cities over the course of a summer weekend … there is an air of mythology here that is like nothing else on earth, and we’re ecstatic to become a part of it.”

From football up and down the league pyramid to music festivals, rugby, motor sport, cricket, golf, tennis and horse racing, FEVO is actively working with leading clubs, venues and organizations in the UK to help usher in the next generation of fans and eventgoers.

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FEVO Brings Its Social Checkout to the United Kingdom