Webinar Recap: The Essential Sales Strategies Every FEVO Client Must Know
This month's webinar covered the basics. The essentials. The bread and butter.

Webinar Recap: The Essential Sales Strategies Every FEVO Client Must Know

November 8, 2023

Our latest webinar, FEVOForum Presents: Essential Offers and Proven Sales Strategies, was all about the fundamentals.

Hosted by FEVO VP of Partner Success Mallory Eichhorn, the chat allowed panelists Nathan Burger (Orlando Magic), Maria Valdehueza (Golden State Warriors) and Josh Massey (University of Oklahoma) to share the playbooks they’ve built to attract new fans and boost ticket sales throughout their respective seasons using the tools available on the FEVO platforms.

If you missed it, don’t worry — below, we’ve shared some key takeaways as well as the video in its entirety.

1. The Home-Court Advantage

The webinar kicked off with a crucial element of the FEVO platform that should be central to every organization’s sales strategy: keeping fans on your owned and operated domain as often as possible. Eichhorn stressed the importance of capitalizing on the traffic you drive to your native website. By avoiding redirection to third-party sites, you can not only solidify brand loyalty, but also gain better control over the user experience while collecting valuable data, which is instrumental in refining marketing strategies.

2. The Impact of SMS Marketing

Valdehueza shared the Golden State Warriors' success with the unrivaled potency of SMS marketing. After analyzing fan behavior and preferences, the Warriors decided to tap into SMS as a key communication channel by allowing fans to sign up for  “Dub Nation Deals,” which offers exclusive last-minute ticket discounts via text message. The initiative has heightened fan engagement and increased ticket sales, helping the Warriors achieve a 100% sellout record during the 2022/23 season.

3. Collaborative Planning for Consistent Messaging

Burger highlighted the importance of collaboration at all organizational levels. By ensuring that marketing, sales and operations departments are always aligned and in sync, campaigns can be executed with a consistent message, leading to smoother operations and more effective sales strategies.

4. Reaching Out: Effective Fan Communication

Massey emphasized the significance of understanding where your audience is most active and reaching them through those channels. Utilizing FEVO's dashboard insights and analytics, Oklahoma Athletics has been able to identify the most impactful touchpoints for their fans, optimizing their marketing efforts.

5. A More Strategic Approach to Sales

The panel also delivered insights into the offer models and marketing ideas that they recycle over and over to boost ticket sales. From corporate advantage programs and student rush groups to theme nights and flash sales, be sure to watch the webinar in full to get a full rundown on how you can maximize your success with FEVO.

Webinar Recap: The Essential Sales Strategies Every FEVO Client Must Know