How a Multi-City Tour Created a Seamless Group Purchasing Experience Across 30 Different Venues

Multi-City Tour Creates a Seamless Group Purchasing Experience Across 30 Different Venues. Profit Ensues.

June 25, 2024

The Event

The Gold Over America Tour (GOAT) is a behemoth of an event — taking place once every four years, it spans 30 cities over the course of two months. For those unfamiliar with the Tour, it is a highly choreographed spectacle of athletic feats and technical brilliance performed by some of the most decorated gymnasts of all time, with the legendary Simone Biles taking top billing. The Tour preaches a message of hope and confidence to the thousands of young fans across the country that come out to see their favorite athletes shine.

The Challenge

The aforementioned 30 cities can be a logistical and branding nightmare for one organization to navigate. Each city on the tour has its own venue with separate owners, operations, and protocols — group sales management on this level can be an incredibly tricky undertaking. GOAT, utilizing 5 Stones Agency LLC to lead this initiative for the tour,  desired a way to add a layer of uniformity across all of their different location partners. This included being able to have consistent conversations and set-ups with different venues, regardless of each venue’s ticketing partner.

The Solution

FEVO’s seamless integrations with both Ticketmaster and AXS allowed GOAT to easily set up guidelines and processes for group sales across all of their venues in a streamlined manner, resulting in huge time savings and thereby negating the need to have to spend hours upon hours operationalizing new processes at each venue. “Given that group tickets sold through FEVO currently account for over 45% of overall group sales revenue generated so far (and it’s still early in the tour), FEVO’s involvement has been notably impactful and equally de-risking, as it has afforded us the ability to secure cash ‘in-the-bank’  earlier than previous GOAT tours”, remarks 5 Stones Agency’s, Peyton Jeter.

The Added Bonus

Running group sales through FEVO’s digital checkout — as opposed to the much more traditional hand-to-hand group sales strategy — also provided a host of benefits:

  • Venues were able to collect revenue as soon as fans committed rather than through the traditional labor-intensive and time-consuming invoicing process with group leaders.
  • GOAT was able to track interest on upgrades with custom questions in the checkout, leading to a significant number of fan upgrades to a VIP experience.
  • Via the FEVO Checkout’s unique social sharing features, fans were able to invite friends, see which of their friends had purchased, see where other members of their group were sitting and choose their own seats accordingly, etc — these capabilities not only provided a more rewarding experience for individual purchasers but also increased satisfaction for group leaders who needed to spend less effort organizing.
  • Every buyer also provided more data than they would have via typical purchase routes, allowing GOAT to more strategically re-market in the future.
"FEVO's tools and support team have been nothing short of exceptional throughout the Gold Over America Tour campaign to date. Their seamless technology has transformed the group sales experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable for the venues, sales agents, and fans alike. With FEVO, we can ensure consistency across all 30 venues, streamline operations, and deliver an even greater satisfactory customer experience. The ability to easily set up group offers, track upgrades, and leverage social sharing features has been amazing for our sales and event management needs. FEVO’s involvement has significantly contributed to the tour’s ongoing success.” - Roderick Jeter Jr., President, 5 Stones Agency

How a Multi-City Tour Created a Seamless Group Purchasing Experience Across 30 Different Venues