Turn your e‑commerce site into a social destination

Since the dawn of e-commerce, brands have really only cared about one thing: efficiency.

Validate payment. Eliminate dropoff. Maximize conversions. Repeat.

But they forgot something: the human element. They forgot to devise a system where humans can revel in the simple, timeless joy of shopping together.

And so shoppers went elsewhere — search, social, SMS — to discover and chat about their purchases. Brands had in essence forfeited the social graph ... as well as all the valuable insights that come with it.

Enter FEVO. Our Social Checkout™ makes it easy for people to shop together on any website, restoring the wonderful human elements of shopping in person without sacrificing the convenience of e‑commerce.

That’s an excellent question. Let’s
unpack it...

How exactly are we doing this?

FEVO’s Social Checkout™ lets shoppers...

Easily share purchases...

P2P messaging. Cost splitting. One-click cart sharing. Group rewards. FEVO makes shopping together — whether it’s for tickets, hotels or a new jacket — a helluva lot more fun than shopping alone.

Without leaving your site...

It's the full in-store experience, only online. You own the entire purchase process, from awareness to consideration to conversion to advocacy. Better insights for you, better experiences for your fans.

While offering unparalleled integration...

FEVO makes it easy to bundle everything you sell — from any inventory — into one streamlined checkout. More stuff, easier. Win win.

And a network of strategic partners

With FEVO, you’ll get access to a robust suite of utilities and services that help you reach new fans while delivering more value to the ones you already have.

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This is social commerce across all transactions

From events to luxury fashion to booking a trip, FEVO helps brands all over the globe humanize their online shopping experience.

Live Entertainment

Sell more tickets to people who sell more tickets. From sports to concerts to festivals, FEVO makes it simple, rewarding and fun for your fans to invite friends, coordinate their seating, grow their group and make their next outing a truly memorable one. ​

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Let the people shop together! FEVO allows your shoppers to freely invite friends to participate in their purchases in real time right on your site. It’s all the best parts of shopping in-store — discovery, coordination, validation, motivation, chitchat — from the comfort of your sofa or smartphone.

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Booking a trip should be exciting, not painful. Travel plans no longer need be an organizational nightmare, since FEVO lets your guests collaborate on itineraries, book multiple experiences and split costs in one seamless checkout, directly on your site.

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