Driving Ticket Sales with the Milwaukee Bucks
March 14, 2023
“We started off with no fans… Then, in the playoffs, we went from 10% to 25% to 100% in a week and a half.”‍

After twenty-three seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks, Ben Conrad, Senior Director, Database Marketing, is in a unique position to view and optimize the team’s ongoing ticketing campaigns from a 360-degree perspective.At the recent East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) Conference presented by FEVO, Ben spoke about a campaign launch strategy that garners real results, as well as the offers the Bucks used to take their ticket sales to the next level (including Student Rush, Bucks’ Night Out, TicketPass, and more).

As he mentions in his presentation, the key theme in all these offers is FEVO—“the conversion rates are just off the charts.”Watch the full video below and reach out to your Partner Success Manager to incorporate some of Ben’s Key Learnings in your next campaign. Just getting started? Email BD@FEVO.com to take your first steps with FEVO.

Ben’s Key Learnings:

- Digital & Sales teams must align to achieve success together
- Create automations whenever possible
to save the team’s time and efforts for selling
- Get creative with offers
to target different groups and experiment with promotions
- Report & track results
to back up your own success story and keep everyone accountable

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