How to Maximize Your Fundraising Impact and Bring Out More Fans at the Same Time

How to Maximize Your Fundraising Impact and Bring Out More Fans at the Same Time

April 12, 2023

The organizations that partner with FEVO are more than just teams, companies, brands or venues. They are unifiers. Gathering places. Cornerstones of the cities they call home.

And a huge part of fulfilling those roles is giving back — an effort that can be supported on the FEVO platform, where our partners have raised an incredible $8.3 million for important local, national and global causes to date.

Using our technology, partners can fundraise for their favorite charities and causes directly within the purchase flow, making the process more convenient and accessible than ever before.

In our latest webinar, FEVO EVP of Partner Success Aaron Parris chats with panelists from three organizations who are leveraging FEVO’s fundraising capabilities in new and interesting ways:

• Tessa Geyer, Manager of Group Sales, Atlanta United
• Blake Woodward, Assistant AD, Ticket Sales, University of South Carolina
• David Neumann, Senior Ticket Sales Manager, LA Angels

Each of these organizations uses FEVO in their own unique way.

The Atlanta United direct their efforts toward local schools, particularly through district offers and individual PTA/PTO offers. “It helps tremendously to have a platform like FEVO that’s easy to navigate and offers things like promotional codes and interchangeable photos where we can make it incredibly personalized. The entire process is super simple, not only for the PTA or the group leader setting the offer up, but for the end user as well … we love that part of it,” says Geyer.

The Gamecocks, meanwhile, utilize FEVO fundraising for big events like Family Weekends, where they’re able to package tickets to games with special Family Weekend events to raise funds for the athletic department. They’ve seen a significant increase in orders in recent years, having raised over half a million dollars thanks to the quality of the offering and ease of the purchase process.

For the Angels, the focus is on simplicity for not only the group leaders who purchase offers, but also the internal team members who create them. By strategically selecting seats and games at which to offer discounted tickets, they’ve found a winning formula for their fundraising efforts. “You send out a link and that’s it,” says Neumann. “You don’t have to worry about collecting money, collecting RSVPs, distributing tickets, any of that stuff.”

Watch the entire webinar below for more tips from our panel on how to make the most of your fundraising efforts with FEVO.

Want to learn more about how to maximize your fundraising impact? Click here and drop us a few deets.

How to Maximize Your Fundraising Impact and Bring Out More Fans at the Same Time