The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategies You Need

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategies You Need

August 24, 2022

With the holidays fast approaching and Black Friday deals already hitting inboxes, there has never been a better time to set up gift-worthy offers for your fans and consumers. Check out our key takeaways from our industry experts and panelists or tune in to our on-demand webinar. Get access to the latest consumer purchase trends, past successful FEVO offers and upcoming plans to kick-off this holiday season.  

Holiday shoppers are looking for experiential gifts

Jessica Ching from Gartner shared some insights about the 2021 holiday shopper from a recent consumer survey analysis. The majority of consumers do their shopping one month before the holidays, reinforcing the importance of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday initiatives. Shoppers are planning to spend the same on gifts this year, with a small group spending less. The most interesting insight for FEVO partners was related to gift categories: the percentage of holiday shoppers planning to buy experiential gifts (like event tickets and travel) nearly doubled!

Learn from Last Year's Successful Offers

Marcus Madlock shared offers that he launched while at the University of Oklahoma: one featured an upcoming game in early December, providing a discount that customers are looking for on Cyber Monday. The second offer featured a holiday combo pack of men’s and women’s basketball game tickets plus a gift pack.

Anthony Horton shared last year’s offers that he launched at the Arizona Coyotes. What stuck out to us was the variety of options. Customers could choose 1 of 3 different beanie hats, 2 different ticket sections (at a high and low price point), and the option of choosing to credit the games for the 2020-2021 or the 2021-2022 season. This flexibility gave the customers the ability to personalize the offer — and make it the perfect present for someone special on their gift list.

Three different offer types to use for Black Friday & Cyber Monday:

  • We love merch: 'Tis the season to sell autographed helmets for your number-one fans or team beanies for the winter. These can be sold to sweeten ticket offers or as merchandise-only offers.
  • Sell for future events: Capture deposits on future season tickets for the holidays. This gift is flexible and can last throughout the new year.  
  • Get in store at Costco: FEVO’s Costco program enables you to reach valuable new customers and capture massive foot traffic (30K+ members at EACH Costco location EVERY week!). Working with FEVO makes it easy to get in store, as we simplify the contract process and help design your in-store displays. Ready to sell at Costco? Submit your details here.

Use different marketing strategies to maximize holiday sales with FEVO:

  • Your fans can help you sell: Offer rewards for fans sharing their ticket purchase with their friends. The bigger the friend group, the more sales you get.  
  • Diversify your marketing tactics: Target younger fans by partnering with influencers for making campaigns and on-site experiences.  
  • Track marketing from the start: Never stop learning and utilize Google Analytics pixels and reporting for enhanced demographics and e-commerce insights.

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Strategies You Need