March 14, 2023
Discovering a new fanbase and unlocking revenue opportunities with Costco

As you may have heard, FEVO has partnered with one of the largest retailers in the world, Costco, to create one of the most innovative distribution channels within live events. With access to over 100M+ Costco members, this partnership provides an opportunity for teams and brands to reach new buyers, grow their database and increase sales.

In anticipation of the upcoming spring season, FEVO’s SVP of Partner Success, Cara Leis, led a bite-sized webinar focused on the benefits and updates to the Costco program since our partnership launched last year.

We invited Cameron Lochte, Sr. Manager – Ticket Strategy (San Francisco Giants) and Haley Durmer, Dir. Strategy Marketing & Sales (Seattle Mariners) to join us and speak to the success and launch of their Costco program. They discussed how they created their offers, and why they chose to participate in FEVO's Costco program.

According to Haley, "Having FEVO digitize the voucher process and digitizing it takes away the paper ticket and focuses on mobile and digital. That’s the best."

"Our staff wear a million hats and being able to come up with the offer, send it to FEVO, send it to design and have it launched, is so easy," said Cameron. "We used to print out season tickets, cut them and distribute them across Costco stores so the evolution of vouchers is amazing. They [Costco] have a dedicated and loyal fan base. A vast majority are new fans to our database. It was not a ton of crossover and when we focus in on one area we know is successful, the user is willing to pay."

3 Key Takeaways  

Discover a new fanbase
Did you know 1 in 3 people is a Costco card carrying member?  Getting offers into their local warehouses is a great way to reach an affluent audience who might not have otherwise considered purchasing tickets to your event.

Digitize the Voucher Process
Going digital with FEVO has never been easier. Take a cumbersome and analog process and streamline it for mass distribution through FEVO's Costco program. Our systems are seamlessly integrated to reduce friction and convert new fans.

Unlock revenue opportunity
Since your Costco offer will be setup with a flat cost, this gives you the opportunity to increase earnings on mid-week games. This gets more fans in your seats while unlocking more revenue!

Submit your offer ahead of the spring season by contacting bd@fevo.com or your FEVO Success representative, TODAY.

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