Your Five Favorite New FEVO Features of 2023
FEVO released over 70 new and refined features in 2023

Your Five Favorite New FEVO Features of 2023

December 18, 2023

The end of the year.

A time to relax. A time to rejuvenate. A time to reminisce on the halcyon days of … earlier 2023. That’s right, folks: it’s year-end list season, and FEVO’s joining the party, with a countdown of the new features we released this year that you, our user, loved most.

It was a busy year for our product and tech team. We launched more than 70 new or refined features on our platform, each one of them thoughtfully devised to deliver you and your fans the fastest, simplest and most fulfilling checkout experience possible.

Below, you’ll find a few of the greatest hits, along with some further reading if you’re looking to brush up on your Offer-building skills before the calendar turns to 2024.

5. Pre-Inventory Offers

This nifty tool allows you to plan ahead by building offers before assigning inventory. Just fill out all other required fields, save and then attach inventory once it’s ready. That means you can start building your 2024 offers before the holiday break even begins!

4. Self-Service Custom Fields

No one knows your fans better than YOU, which is why it’s no surprise this feature is so popular with our clients. Need info the default fields don’t cover? No problem. With Self-Service Custom Fields it’s easy to request T-shirt sizes, birthdays, alma mater info and more.

3. Seating, Three Ways

FEVO now offers three different seating options for you to choose from when building an offer. Seat Selector is the default setting — fans can drill down to seat level when deciding which tickets to purchase. This option personalizes the experience for fans and gives them peace of mind that they are sitting exactly where they want. But you can also build offers to either start on Best Available seating or use Force Best Available, which makes those seats the only option. This allows you to streamline the purchase process and usher fans through to the finish line with zero friction or decision fatigue.


We’re buzzing about the possibilities AI can unlock for our partners, which is why we built the first generative AI toolkit for ticketing and social commerce. FEVO AI can drastically reduce the hours your team spends on basic offer builds, making more time for community building, strategizing and delivering your fans experiences they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Learn more with our guide to writing effective prompts for FEVO AI.

1. The Fully Unified FEVO Enterprise Platform

FEVO’s mission has always been to help brands understand and address cultural changes in order to provide consumers with an online shopping experience that feels tailored to all their little preferences and predilections. That’s why our unified FEVO Enterprise platform — which brings our best tools and innovations into a single user environment for the first time — was our most important release of the year. Thanks to YOU, our incredible partners, for bringing this exciting new platform to life with your creative offers and innovative use cases. We can’t wait to see what you do with FEVO Enterprise in 2024.

Your Five Favorite New FEVO Features of 2023