March 14, 2023
Giannis FC, Why Brands Should Wine-and-Dine Their Customers, and the Data Behind Leading With Compassion

Each week, we sift through a ton of content and then debate it ad nauseam at FEVO HQ. And since good content, like the mind, is a terrible thing to waste, we are also sharing it here with you, our fans, in the form of this weekly blog post on e-commerce, media and life on the internet.

Yahoo! Sports: Giannis Antetokounmpo, brothers become minority investors in Nashville SC
This continues the trend of big-time athletes getting involved on the ownership side of professional soccer. James Harden has a stake in the Houston Dynamo, LeBron James has money in Liverpool FC and Kevin Durant is co-owner of the NWSL’s Gotham FC. Not only is there tremendous financial upside in investing in the beautiful game — having a superstar owner is also a built-in marketing engine, since these athletes bring their own devoted fanbases along to their new team. [Read more]

Harvard Business Review: Leading with compassion has research-backed benefits
Being a decent person is generally a good guiding principle in all aspects of life. But it also has an outsize impact on professional success: a long-term study from the University of South Carolina found that “after 14 years, and controlling for demographic and corporate factors, those who were selfish, aggressive, and manipulative were less likely to move up the ranks. Instead, those who were generous and agreeable were more likely to be promoted to a position of power.” So be compassionate and you’ll go far and get better work out of everyone around you. More flies with honey than vinegar and all that. [Read more]

Future Commerce: Food and beverage is an untouched goldmine for many brands
This long-form piece from Future Commerce highlights all the added benefits that can be generated when brands provide their consumers with a literal consumption experience — aka wining and dining them. When fans and customers break bread with one another, the positive sentiments they already have for a brand are compounded. Says the author: “Expanding, partnering, or experimenting with food and beverage is a wide-open opportunity for brands and retailers to deepen and improve their connection to customers, even if dining is not core to that brand.” [Read more]

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