Get to Know 3DS, The Protocol That Prevents Fraud Across All FEVO Transactions
3D Secure (3DS) is now part of the FEVO checkout flow

Get to Know 3DS, The Protocol That Prevents Fraud Across All FEVO Transactions

March 27, 2024

A central part of FEVO’s mission has alway been to make the ticket-buying process fun, easy and social — we call our flagship product The Social CheckoutTM, after all. And while fun is always at the forefront of our product and design decisions, we take pains to make sure it never comes at the expense of the basics: namely, privacy and security. Fraud is unfortunately a very real and present danger when it comes to buying things online, and for this reason we recently implemented 3D Secure (3DS) as a preventative measure to protect our partners and their fans from credit card fraud.

What is 3D Secure, or 3DS?

3DS is an extra step of authentication that is added to the process of online purchasing. This technology is used by the biggest e-commerce brands in the world. The name comes from the fact that three domains are used in the protocol: the merchant/acquirer domain (the bank and the merchant to which the money is being paid), the issuer domain (the card used at purchase), and the interoperability domain (the infrastructure and the software provided by the internet and card issuers).

How does 3DS work with FEVO?

3DS is a frictionless process that takes place in the background of your checkout flow, invisible to the consumer. Once a consumer enters their payment information, 3DS relays a variety of data elements to the consumer's bank (e.g., shipping address, device ID and payment history) to assess the risk level of the transaction. The consumer’s bank will either immediately authenticate the payment or ask for more information; in the latter case, the consumer may be prompted to confirm their account through a pin or password. The best part is that this all happens instantaneously, preventing any consumer attrition due to verification delays.

Is 3DS active on all FEVO transactions?

If an order exceeds $500, 3DS will be automatically triggered; however, clients can have FEVO set different 3DS thresholds based on needs.

How does 3DS help brands?

3DS goes a long way in preventing unauthorized transaction chargebacks. This leads to fewer negative associations with your brand and happier customers who don’t have to worry about the fallout that comes with dealing with fraudulent transactions. On top of that, when a transaction is authorized via 3DS, fraud liability shifts from the merchant to the bank — so FEVO clients are not liable for any chargebacks claiming fraud when 3DS is in use.

Thanks to 3DS and other airtight standards across data privacy and fraud prevention, FEVO’s chargeback rate currently sits at .1% — well below the average of .6% across all consumer industries!

Industry averages via Clearly Payments

What our partners are saying about 3DS…

"3DS has been an integral part of keeping tickets away from bad actors and in the hands of real fans. Since its implementation, we’ve seen an over 90% decrease in fraud related chargebacks. This is a huge win for Ticket Sales, Ticket Operations, and Finance departments alike."

– Rob Hrankiwskyj, Director of Ticket Operations, Prudential Center and New Jersey Devils

If you have any additional questions about 3DS and how it works with your FEVO offers, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Success rep — we’ll be happy to walk you through the process and explain how it directly impacts your business. 

Get to Know 3DS, The Protocol That Prevents Fraud Across All FEVO Transactions