Inside the Groundbreaking Intuit Dome, Peter Thiel’s “Enhanced” Olympics and the “Meta” Trends That Will Define 2024
The Enhanced Games will not have performance enhancing restrictions

Inside the Groundbreaking Intuit Dome, Peter Thiel’s “Enhanced” Olympics and the “Meta” Trends That Will Define 2024

February 2, 2024

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John Wall Street: $2B Intuit Dome could reprogram how fans view attending live events

A ton of praise has been placed on the Clippers and their new state-of-the-art arena. Here, John Wall Street paints a picture of exactly what the future of game-going will look like vis-a-vis the Intuit Dome’s innovations. Nearly every inch of the Dome is saturated with activities and surprises to keep fans engaged, like basketball courts open to attendees and game controllers in arm rests. Also, and possibly most importantly, it includes more bathrooms than other stadiums, meaning less time in line and more time exploring. This article serves as a worthy primer to the arena’s many, many groundbreaking features.

The Independent: Enhanced Games: Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel invests in controversial doped Olympics

It seems this viral (and ostensibly facetious) tweet from 2019 pining for an Olympic Games where athletes can “performance enhance” as much as they want has become a reality. Known as “The Enhanced Games,” a new competition backed by tech billionaire Peter Thiel will allow athletes to use whatever means necessary to reach peak athletic performance. The creators claim it will be done in a safe way, but when there are myriad known negative side effects of performance-enhancing drugs, can that possibly be true? It will be interesting to see A) if this idea actually materializes and B) whether it will have any impact on how current sports leagues and competitions are administered.

Matt Klein: META Trends ‘24: An analysis of 70+ global forecasts

Each year, digital culture prognosticator and Reddit Head of Foresights Matt Klein publishes his META Trends, which analyzes dozens of leading trend reports to identify the prevailing themes and tropes. The utility of the report is less about its findings — as Klein himself admits, even “the foremost experts in cultural analysis are reporting concepts and phrases which are statistically commonplace” — than the commentary Klein offers up as a kind of antidote to the relative sameness and safeness that characterize trend forecasting writ large. “Feeding trend reports into a GPT as if it’s a crystal ball is virtuous. But don’t expect it to yield anything more valuable than a curious human capable of sensemaking,” writes Klein. “Going forward, we need more demanding journeys than we do mindless shortcuts. Shortcuts rarely yield fun, stories or lessons. If it's easy, it likely isn’t worthwhile.”

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Inside the Groundbreaking Intuit Dome, Peter Thiel’s “Enhanced” Olympics and the “Meta” Trends That Will Define 2024