How NBA Tunnels Became Runways and Forbes’ CMO Ranking

How NBA Tunnels Became Runways and Forbes’ CMO Ranking

April 19, 2023

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BOF: How NBA tunnel walks became fashion marketing moments

We’ve all seen it on Instagram and Twitter: NBA players going viral for their pregame wardrobe while entering the arena. It has become a ritual for benchwarmers and stars alike, and it's all about brand-building: “The league is getting younger. They care about their image and how it looks on Instagram,” says NBA photographer Richard Ontiveros-Gima. The same can be said of fans who want to imitate and connect with their favorite players, with some teams now incorporating the tunnel walk into their marketing efforts. To wit: the Wizards recently did a bobblehead night immortalizing Kyle Kuzma’s viral oversized pink sweater.  

Forbes: The 2023 Entrepreneurial CMO 50

Forbes’ latest list compiles the most enterprising and innovative CMOs across all industries. The list features heads of marketing from the likes of Spotify, Prada, WWE and plenty more, and you’ll no doubt find some excellent thoughts and ideas on how to better market your own products. You never know when inspiration will strike, so give it a quick perusal.

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How NBA Tunnels Became Runways and Forbes’ CMO Ranking