Tennis’s $10M Cocktail, The NFL’s Gen Z Attack Plan and a New Women’s Hockey League
The Honey Deuce has become hugely popular
Grey Goose

Tennis’s $10M Cocktail, The NFL’s Gen Z Attack Plan and a New Women’s Hockey League

September 1, 2023

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New York Times: With feud over, new women’s ice hockey league is set to begin

The women’s pro sports boom marches irrepressibly on! Six teams — three Canadian and three American — will kick off the inaugural season of the Professional Women’s Hockey League this January. While previous iterations of a women’s hockey league were plagued with pay and marketing issues, this new league, championed by members of the players union, promises more exposure and better pay. At a time when money is pouring into women’s sports like never before, this is another step in the right direction, for a hopefully prosperous league that will inspire legions of future players.

Front Office Sports: The US Open’s $10M signature cocktail

The Honey Deuce. If you’re even a casual tennis fan, you’ve probably heard of this drink, the signature cocktail of America’s premier tennis tournament. Last year tournament attendees consumed over 400,000 rounds of the cocktail, which means on average about half of the attendees drank one (or 10% of the attendees drank five … you decide). The drink comes with its own commemorative cup and has become an attraction in and of itself at the tournament. Sponsored by Grey Goose, the Honey Deuce is an incredible example of marketing an event and creating additional revenue with a limited, exclusive item that can only be obtained by ticket-holders. The fastest way to a fan’s heart is through their stomach, or something like that, and other events and teams looking to add an extra layer of attraction would do well to take note. If you don’t have a signature food and bev item, you’re missing out.

ESPN: From the Chargers to Bills, NFL teams are winning over Gen Z

NFL teams are fully embracing the idea that virtual content may be nearly as important as the in-field product when it comes to building relationships with fans. That idea is nowhere more evident than with the youngest independent generation, Gen Z. Behind-the-scenes and all-access content on TikTok has gone a long way in bringing new, young fans into the fold. This platform also goes a long way in making players more recognizable and personable than what we get from their — often guarded — press appearances.

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Tennis’s $10M Cocktail, The NFL’s Gen Z Attack Plan and a New Women’s Hockey League