How the Reno Aces saved massive amounts of time — every game — with FEVO Transfer

How the Reno Aces saved massive amounts of time — every game — with the FEVO Transfer Tool

May 20, 2024

The Challenge

The Reno Aces, the Triple-A affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks, have a thriving home base of fans. They also have a strong organizational track record of identifying groups of interest, developing creative offers and selling tickets. 

Their success, however, ultimately became a challenge in terms of efficiency. With limited staff hours, they made the difficult decision to leave ticket distribution — sometimes for groups of many hundreds — up to group leaders, who bore the tedious responsibility of delivering each ticket to members of their group, often leaving them understandably annoyed and frustrated. This also often led to long lines at the box office the day of the event due to group leader errors while transferring tickets. The Aces needed an option that would allow them to avoid long hours spent distributing tickets themselves but also leave group leaders satisfied with an efficient distribution process and wanting to return for future games. 

The Solution

Enter FEVO Transfer, a tool to simplify group ticket distribution. A few simple changes to existing workflows and operational processes allowed the Aces to significantly cut down on the time and effort required to get large groups of fans their tickets. First, they were able to easily integrate FEVO Transfer with (TDC) to enable direct distribution of the tickets into the fan's ProVenue account. Then, to make the bulk delivery transfer process simple for group leaders, FEVO handed the Aces an excel template that leaders could easily fill out and return to their sales reps to upload. Once uploaded, the tickets — in proper quantity and location — were automatically sent out to the fans from the spreadsheet. 

The Education

Since a product is only as good as a consumer’s ability to use it, the Aces put practices in place to educate group leaders during the sales process on all the benefits of FEVO Transfer and how it can:

  1. Reduce time spent gathering info 
  2. Eliminate the need to print hundreds of tickets 
  3. Reduce manual errors that can lead to delays at the stadium.

By laying out these FEVO Transfer benefits — particularly for groups over 100 — in a clear and digestible way, the Aces saw a high rate of adoption and satisfaction both internally and among fans. 


  1. Time Savings: Reduced time spent by sales reps troubleshooting ticketing issues, and expedited ticket distribution with the streamlined transfer process.
  2. Group Leader Satisfaction: Higher satisfaction rates among group leaders, resulting in increased return rates and rising game attendance.
  3. Internal Satisfaction: Enhanced operational efficiency improved the experience for the sales, operations and box office teams, who could focus more on troubleshooting other issues and less on ticket printing.
  4. Increase in Group Sizes and Sales: More efficient and error-free group ticket distribution resulted in larger group sizes and increased overall sales.
With the FEVO Transfer Tool we were able to collectively save hundreds of hours over the course of the season that would have otherwise been spent distributing group tickets. This not only made our staff more efficient, more creative and overall more happy, but also led to serious satisfaction from our biggest corporate partners, as that ease and efficiency was passed on to them when they claimed their tickets as well.
– Laura Raymond, Reno Aces, Senior Director, Ticket Services & Operations
How the Reno Aces saved massive amounts of time — every game — with FEVO Transfer